The The Mission, Duty, and Purpose of Lotus Reach is to provide new and gently used clothes as well as other necessary items to the community, general public, and other organizations working with people in need.  Our goal is to take Lotus Reach nation wide in the near future and one day partner up with disaster relief aid in hope of helping those affected by natural disasters...
Mother of two beautiful and amazing girls: Marina & Jade.  I am happily married to Skip Rau who is also my biggest supporter in all things life has to offer.  Without him this would not be possible, and I thank him for giving me the opportunity to be able to do something that truly fills my heart with joy.  I moved to this country when I was thirteen years old from Yugoslavia.  I am also the Vice President of another amazing nonprofit organization that is doing so much good, called Rusty's Hope.  This organization's mission is to raise funds for childhood cancer research.  Furthermore, I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Organizational Leadership and Human Resources.  Being a stay-at-home mom for many years has fulfilled me, but I have always had the desire to do something more.  Lotus Reach is that something more for me.  It all started in November of 2015 after I was exposed to a heartbreaking reality of how many children and adults are in need of clothing and other necessary items mostly taken for granted.  With the idea to start a School Closet in Liberty Elementary School in Chesterton, IN (which IS a success), Lotus Reach was created.  How far we can take this organization is limitless and extraordinary, with my team of selfless and amazing women. 
I know we can do amazing things, xoxo Zel...
Zeljka (Zel) Rau
Zeljka (Zel) Rau
Currently I am a stay-at-home mother raising a family of five beautiful children with an amazing father.  His tremendous help, support, and commitment to our family have enabled me to be a part of this wonderful nonprofit organization called Lotus Reach.  Being raised by loving and encouraging parents, I knew at an early age that I have always had a passion to help others or give back.  My parents were great role models in that department.  This passion of mine grew stronger and transpired into my desire to become a teacher.  I graduated from Purdue University with an Elementary and Special Education degree.  While teaching special education in the school system was gratifying, I decided my heart was telling me to stay at home and raise my family.  Now that my children are older, my heartstrings are once again pulling me in the direction of something more.  People are always in need. With Lotus Reach, I hope to reach out and touch as many lives as I can and continue to inspire others to pay it forward.  Giving freely is easy and can touch so many lives.  That is what life is about.  You are not just helping yourself; you are helping others.  Shine by example. 
Renee Nash
Vice President
Born in Alabama, I moved to Indiana when I was five years old.  I graduated from Valparaiso High School and then pursued my cosmetology degree.  For many years I have been a hairstylist, salon educator, and salon owner.  Recently, I have become a stay-at-home mom to my energetic daughter Theadora.  I was lucky enough to marry a longme friend. We feel incredibly blessed to have been able to travel all over the world, and interact with all kinds of cultures. Since becoming a mom I have had this intense desire to help others, especially children. I couldn’t be more grateful or dedicated to be part of Lotus Reach.
Beth Ostrowski
I moved to this country twenty-five years ago from Yugoslavia with the hope of making a better life for my daughter and myself.  Not only was that one of the best life choices I made for us, but our family increased as well.  I am now happily married to Vidosav, with whom I have a son, Nenad.  I have an engineering degree, which was utilized for thirteen years while working in a shoe manufacturing company back in Yugoslavia.  Futhermore, I worked for the United States Postal Service for fourteen years and just recently retired from my job as a rural carrier.  Lotus Reach came to my life at a perfect time.  With my retiring and recent life changes that have occurred in my life, Lotus Reach was an opportunity much needed.  I can't be more honored to be a part of such an amazing organization.  The future for Lotus Reach is limitless, and I can't wait to see where it will take us. 
Branka Jasnic
Mother of three wonderful boys: Zachary 26, Jack 20, and Justin 17.  It has given me pleasure to be involved in a variety of nonprofit organizations throughout Northwest Indiana.  I have helped raise, not only financial support but also awareness of these organizations for the betterment of our communities.  I graduated from Harrington Institute of Interior Design with a degree in Interior Architecture.  I used my knowledge in commercial design where my colleagues and I provided community strong designs and volunteered in decorating for the Arts.  Additionally, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education in which I am now teaching young children.  My passion in life is to help the world in which I live become a better place through our environment, people, and culture.  Lotus Reach is a great opportunity for me to help people in my community, and I am greatful to be involved. 
Kathy Wallar
Merchandise Director
I am happily married to Kevin Goad and we have two beautiful children: Lindsay and Mason.  I am a graduate of American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL, and Indiana University Northwest in Gary, IN.  I am a freelance graphic designer, so I work from home.  This allows me to be able to see more of my kids, as well as participate in all of their extracurricular activities.  I am also part of another nonprofit organization called Rusty's Hope, Inc., whose mission is to raise funds for childhood cancer research and to hopefully find a cure.  Last year, I resurrected my neighborhood's Home Owners Association by stepping up as president and leading the neighborhood to improve dramatically.  This was my first experience in a nonprofit, and I learned many valuable lessons there, which I hope to be able to bring to the table at Lotus Reach.
Danielle Goad
Board of Directors
I am happily married to my husband Patrick and have two wonderful children, Cameron and Olivia.  I also have three stepsons: Kegan, Colton, and Preston, whom I adore! I really enjoy watching them in their many activities, including track, cross country, and volleyball.  I am employed as an RN case manager at Porter Regional Hospital.  I am very excited about Lotus Reach! This is such an amazing organization that will help so many in our communities! I am very much looking forward to all that Lotus Reach has to offer.
Nysha Rinard
Board of Directors